Cyclical Nature 1

Like much of our biology, our cognizance of ourselves and the world around us occurs in cycles and is indeed indiscernible from the rest of our composite self as an organism. Every action begins as an impulse, manifests expressively, and evokes memory which in turn shapes further impulse and so on. This begs the question: Where exactly do we play a part in this? For our purposes, we may consider these cycles to occur in higher or lower frequencies--the higher being too fast and too subtle to grasp and the lower being more perceptible up to a point.

At a higher frequency, the cycles of our experiential self are essentially the raw deterministic quality of our being, comprising the cold hard and likely ugly truth of who and what we are. These cycles smear outward into more abstract notions of the self which permit reflection across a broad spectrum. Deep personal reflection, for instance, would proceed toward the higher end of this spectrum, whereas reflection upon a larger interplay of forces on societal or even cosmic levels would proceed toward the lower end--the nature of which eventually proves no more comprehensible than our own inner workings, both outside the "visible spectrum" so to speak.

By exploring this spectrum evenly and to our fullest capacity, we may develop a more massive yet condensed sense of self by recognizing all that begets our being from moment to moment, from the grandest schemes down to the finest details. However, it is important first to develop a model by which to grasp this spectrum in parts which we may discern from one another and which enable us to infer the indiscernible as well as the invisible--the sub and superliminal.

[1]: This is a work in progress. Visit the repo to learn how to comment or contribute.

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