In Prescription 1

To be truly vested in a concept, one must wish it to be applied broadly. As such, the reason and act of prescribing the practice of xenanthropy is both part and parcel of the practice itself. No idea has ever thrived without the multiplication of effort, whether direct collaboration and coordination or through some scale and manner of mass appeal. Ideas only thrive by virtue of their memetic legacy--their ability to move through and between individuals. To this end xenanthropy must traverse the realm of a sort of ultrahumanism, a term here used to describe all that is accomplished beyond the individual's abilities or even its lifetime. And while certainly the practice of xenanthropy explicitly draws upon the fruits of ultrahumanistic labor in the forms of information technology or of the literary sphere and countless other "industries" of our species, it must also contribute in parallel to those labors and industries.

[1]: This is a work in progress. Visit the repo to learn how to comment or contribute.

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